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Carbon offsets for heavy industry.

A simple and affordable approach to offsetting GHG emissions generated during the exploration, construction and extraction of natural resources.

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What we do

Helping you meet your ESG goals

We help companies evaluate their operations to calculate carbon emissions. We then acquire quality offsets and retire them on your behalf.

The process is simple. Just let us know how many metres you will be drilling or how much fuel is used in your operations. We use this to calculate your emissions, acquire quality offsets and retire them on your behalf.

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Facts & Figures

Global Statistics



Industrial emissions account for 24% of total global emissions.



130 countries have made net zero pledges.



Paris Agreement states, emissions need to be reduced by 45% by 2030.

Why offset

You benefit,
the planet benefits

Carbon credits can help reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your reputation, and comply with regulatory requirements while contributing to the fight against climate change

Meet Sustainability Goals

Purchase carbon credits to offset emissions and achieve sustainability targets.

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Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to being socially responsible and taking action to mitigate climate change.

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Comply with local regulations without investing in expensive emissions reduction projects.

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Our Clients

Power Nickel


(The above graph illustrates increases in share price experienced by Power Nickel after adding a carbon offsetting component to their greater ESG goals.)

Clearly, we can’t guarantee movement like this. However, we know from conversations with Power Nickel that they received several comments from old and new investors who appreciated their approach. ESG is becoming a critical factor in investment decisions. Taking this small step not only helps the planet but undoubtedly opens your firm up for exposure and hopefully investment from the growing ESG investment community.

These offsets will neutralize the Diesel fuel we will use to drill approximately 40,000 metres of drilling. It symbolizes our goal of creating the world’s first carbon-neutral Nickel mine at our Nisk Project in Nemaska Quebec. Karbon X and it’s initiative makes a lot of sense to us. Miners are amongst the most environmentally friendly people I know and we need to start showing the world we can and will find responsible ways to find the materials needed to power the greening of our economy.

Terry Lynch

Power Nickel CEO
Who we are

Offsetting CO2 emissions

Drillgreen is a division of Karbon-X, the company behind an innovative app that enables individuals and companies to offset a portion of their carbon footprint and support projects that have real-world impact.

Drillgreen was established to apply the Karbon-X experience and expertise to specific industrial needs.


Karbon-X was built to empower people and organizations to fight climate change. Our platform helps you offset your carbon footprint by investing in environmental projects.

Backed by scientific expertise and years of industry experience, Karbon-X carefully selects verified initiatives that are effectively eliminating carbon emissions and creating a cleaner world.